Access Control Systems and Installations Birmingham

Access control systems are an effective way of preventing and controlling unauthorised access to all or parts of your commercial premises. Access control systems can come in the forms of touchpads, card-readers, fobs and fingerprint devices. At Smart Security & Electrical Services (SSES) in Birmingham, we are access control system installers and suppliers, and we can help your business and premises be more secure today. Here are some of our access control system solutions that we can install across Birmingham and beyond.

Access Control Cards, Fobs & Readers

At SSES, we can provide and set-up access control cards configured to designated points around your commercial premises. Our Birmingham access control installers will visit your property and work with you to determine the best locations for your access control card reader installations, as well as providing you with access cards and/or fobs for staff members, all of which can be uniquely configured to allow/prevent access to various parts of your premises. This facility works well with a smart staff database that can be controlled and changed to allow/disallow access as and when your business requires. If you’re interested in SSES installing access control readers with connected cards and fobs, get in touch.

access control bollards

Access Control Passcode Touchpads

SSES can also supply and install access control passcode touchpads. Effectively, authorised staff personnel can access rooms and locations within your premises by inputting designated passcodes on strategically located touchpads. This is a better option for your business if you prefer your staff not to be in possession of access control cards and fobs, especially when both can be easily passed between people and lost. If you would like a quote for access control passcode touchpad installations in Birmingham or other regions, contact us here.

Access Control Turnstiles & Barriers

If you have a larger business or commercial premises, with a significant traffic-flow of people, you may feel the need for a more physical and substantial sense of access control systems. SSES Birmingham can supply and install access control turnstiles and barriers. Both internal and external, the range of turnstiles and barriers we can install across Birmingham can meet your security requirements and budget, as well as matching your premises aesthetic. If you’d like to learn more about our access control turnstiles and barriers, contact us for a quote.

Access Control with Smart Security Integration

The Birmingham access control systems and installations we provide can also seamlessly integrate with your other security solutions, from CCTV, to vehicle gates and barriers. Choosing an access control system installation can be a cost-effective and integral part of your commercial security.

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