Remote Monitoring Services Birmingham

Remote Monitoring is the perfect integrated companion to a business’ security systems. A manned Remote Monitoring control centre can connect to a premises’ security or control systems so that when a suspect breach or issue occurs, the control centre will be notified and can act appropriately to keep your site safe and secure without delay. Smart Security & Electrical Services (SSES) can provide remote monitoring services across Birmingham and the surrounding areas. Here’s more about our remote monitoring services that your business/premises can make the most of.

CCTV Remote Monitoring Birmingham

If your business has CCTV on its premises, SSES can arrange a personal CCTV remote monitoring service. This means that your designated control centre staff can monitor your footage and in the event of an ‘incident’ can take action to prevent, reduce, or stop any potential breach, damage or loss to your business. If your business premises needs a Birmingham remote monitoring CCTV service, explore our services.

Remote Monitoring Centre

Alarm System Remote Monitoring Birmingham

Our Remote Monitoring services can also extend to surveying and responding to a business’ alarm activity. In the event of your alarm system being triggered, your remote monitoring control centre will be notified so they can respond accordingly and keep your business safe. If you would like a remote monitoring Birmingham service for your commercial alarm system, contact SSES today.

Extra Benefits & Features of Remote Monitoring

For your Birmingham business, remote monitoring also has a host of other features and benefits;


- Access Control systems

Our Remote Monitoring Birmingham services can even integrate with access control systems. So, if there has been unauthorised access somewhere across your site, our team can use the intelligence that your access control system provides, and get to the bottom of any access control incidents.

-Lone Worker Protection

If your business ever has skeletal staff, or indeed, staff working alone, you can use our Birmingham remote monitoring services to ensure they are protected.

-Fire Protection

Remote Monitoring is an obvious benefit for preventing break-ins, but it can also be invaluable for fire protection. In the event of a fire, remote monitoring staff can take action such as call the fire service to prevent further and extensive damage to your property.

-Call Centre Services

Another benefit is that our Birmingham Remote Monitoring staff are directly contactable if you need further information about security incidents or would like to give instructions relating to them.

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